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The home page is the most important page of your online store and is the point of entry for the vast majority of your visitors and potential future customers.

It has the same role as a physical store window and must therefore attract the Internet user as soon as he arrives on your store. The visitor must be able to find all the information he wants and want to stay on your site and browse it to buy your products.

Thanks to the WiziBlocks system, you can build your homepage according to your desires, with an infinite number of combinations.

Also, some elements must be respected when creating your homepage:


Your logo 

The logo is an essential element for your store, because it is visible upon arrival on any page of your store and represents your brand image, your visual identity.

👉 I create my logo

Your menu 

A clear and structured menu allows your customers to understand at a glance what you sell on your store and to easily discover your product catalog.

Don't hesitate to activate the enhanced menu if you have many categories and/or if you want to highlight certain informative pages such as the "About Us" pages, your loyalty program, your FAQ, your contact page, etc.


The background color of your site

In order to keep your graphic charter clean and attractive, it is recommended to use a white background.

The most important thing is to have a harmonious store by avoiding too many contrasting colors and by using a well-defined color palette on your entire store.

The elements of reassurance

Don't hesitate to personalize your reassurance elements. Detail your after-sales service policy, your different payment methods, your prices, and delivery times, the availability of your customer service, etc.


Looking for inspiration for your homepage?

Don't hesitate to consult your competitors' websites, which are full of inspiring ideas, or to discover our examples of stores.

Here is an example of an effective structure to present your business on your homepage: 

Your slideshow 

After your logo, this is the most visible element of your store when a visitor discovers it. The implementation of a slideshow allows you to dynamize your homepage, thanks to the carousel of images illustrating the universe of your brand.

Highlighting your products

By using the WiziBlock: Product List, you offer a preview of your product catalog to visitors. This is a perfect opportunity to highlight a selection of products, to be adapted according to the seasons and the events of the year (sales, the best sales, gift ideas, new products, etc.).

You can also highlight a flagship product by using the WiziBlock: Zoom on a product.


A brief presentation of your store

Write a paragraph of a few lines to welcome your customer and to present your activity. This is as important for your customer as it is for the search engine robots that will index this content.

A presentation of you or your company is always an asset. This personal touch differentiates you from other market players and humanizes your business.


Contact form

Putting forward a contact form will give confidence to your visitors and future customers, who will see that it is easy to contact you if needed. 


Do not forget to change the contact details in your footer.


SEO optimization of your homepage 

Don't forget the importance of SEO optimization of your homepage. Your store can be very attractive, however, if your SEO is not optimal, the search engine robots will not propose you in result.

The little extras

The announcement bar

This is a marketing tool that allows you to communicate precise information to your customers in a very visible way.

The announcement bar can highlight your commercial operations, an exceptional opening or closing, an event, etc.:

Your customers' opinions and testimonials

If you already have customer feedback, don't hesitate to put them forward on your home page, using the WiziBlock: Customer Reviews to give your future buyer's confidence.

Alternatively, you can use the Wiziblock: Testimonials by asking trusted people who have used your products or services to testify about their quality.

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