The announcement bar



The announcement bar is a widely used tool in the field of e-commerce. To be placed at the top, or at the bottom of your site, on your home page only, or on all your pages, it will allow you to highlight a communication, in particular, a current promotion, free delivery, a discount code etc.
This feature is now available on Wizishop 🎉


How do I set up the announcement bar on my store? 

Go to the Marketing > Communication section > Announcement Bar

Set the background of your announcement bar

1. Recommended colors:


2. Customized color
3. Themes 

Set up your announcement bar

1. Write the content of your announcement bar


a. Your text content:
You can edit your text, change the color of the text, add a background color, change the text to bold...: 



b. Display a button on the bar
You have the option to add a button on the announcement bar.


You will be able to determine the text of the button, its color, as well as its background color. Finish by adding the link to which your button will redirect.


2. Bar location
a. At the top of the site: your bar will be placed at the top of your site

b. At the top/Always visible: your bar will be placed at the top of your site and will be frozen, even when scrolling down the page.
c. At the bottom/Always visible: your bar will be placed at the top of your site and will be frozen, even when scrolling down the page.
⚠️ For optimization and ergonomic reasons, on mobile, the "always visible" option is not available.

3. Bar display


Remember to activate your bar so that it appears on your site. You can decide to display your announcement bar on all pages of your site, on the homepage only, on information pages, etc.
Congratulations, your announcement bar is now activated on your store! 
(If you want to disable it, simply switch the switch to Deactivated. No need to click Publish. Feel free to clear your store's cache if you still see your announcement bar on your store despite disabling it.)


To go one step further...

💡 Feel free to use the themes to announce promotions based on seasons/events:

Valentine’s Day

Winter sales


💡 Feel free to use our customized variants feature to enrich and bring your announcement bar to life! (see tutorial: How to use customized variants)

Use the Timer variant to display a timer on your announcement bar.

💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!