I find an anomaly: diagnosis to be carried out

You may sometimes encounter an anomaly in your store or in your administration area. But don't panic! Here we’ll help you to carry out a first diagnosis to check what is happening and to rule out the potential causes of your anomaly: 

 1 - Close and open a new browser window

Closing and reopening the tab you’re working on will regenerate your page information and may, for example, unblock an ongoing process that is blocked.

 2 - Clear the cache of your browser/store

Updates made to your store may not be immediately visible if your browser and/or store cache is not cleared.

What is a cache?

A cache is an intermediate memory that aims to display web pages recently loaded in the browser more quickly.

How do I clear the cache of my Chrome browser?

To Clear the cache of your Chrome browser, 

  1. Go to the browser menu (the 3 dots)
  2. Click on "More tools"
  3. Click on "Clear browsing data"


How do I clear the cache of my store?

In Configuration > Modify the HTML, click on the “Delete cache” button.



⚠️ Watch Out

In the “Customize HTML” section, don't touch anything other than the "Delete cache" if you don't have the necessary IT skills.

3 - Update your browser

Check that you have the latest updated version of your browser and update it if you haven’t (settings menu to the right of your address bar).
4 - Check blocking extensions

If you have an Adblock or VPN type extension on your browser, disable it and repeat the test.

5 - Change browser 

Do a test from another browser, for example, Chrome, Mozilla or Safari.

6 - Work from your computer

As your administrator area is online software (and not a website), some features are currently not available on smartphone or tablet. We advise you to work from your computer whenever possible.

7 - Couldn’t resolve your anomaly by following the above steps? 

Check out our tutorial to find out what information to pass on to our team so that we can further help you. 
 💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!