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Create a form on my store


Via the Content section > Your forms, you can create up to 10 customized forms, to be inserted in one (or more) informative page(s).  

Please note that the forms you create must be added to a page in order to appear on your store. If you wish to share the URL of your form, you can do so by sharing the URL of the page concerned.

When a visitor or customer fills in the form, you will receive the form at the e-mail address you've specified in the advanced options for creating your form.

Here's how to create a form:

  • Click on "Create a form"
  • Name your form (example: contact, partnership request, etc)
  • Create an "Add a question" block for each question that your visitor/customer can answer before submitting the form

Different configurations are possible for your questions:

  • Your questions can be mandatory or not
  • Your questions can have a help text, to guide your customer in the answer he must give you
  • Your questions can have several types of answers:
  1. Short response (one line)
  2. Long response (paragraph)
  3. Single choice (drop-down menu and list of choices that you establish beforehand)
  4. Single choice (option field from the list of choices that you establish beforehand)
  5. Multiple choices (tick boxes from the list of choices that you establish beforehand)
  6. File to send
  7. Date
  8. Email
  9. Internet website address

Once your form is set up, don't hesitate to check its advanced options in order to :

  • Modify the thank-you text that will appear once the form is completed and validated
  • Modify the email address that will receive all the responses to this form
  • Change the name of the submit button (by default it is "Submit")

Finally, when you create/edit a free page, you will have the possibility - in addition to the text and/or image blocks already offered - to add one of your forms.


💡 Useful tip

Do not hesitate to test your form directly on your online store to adjust it, if needed.

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!