Organize my categories with the standard menu

The menu plays a vital role for your store. This article describes the standard menu, on Multishop stores only. 

If you have a Mono-product store and do not have any categories to highlight, the standard menu will not be displayed, and you will need to use the enhanced menu.
👉 Refer to our tutorial on the enhanced menu

How to make your categories visible on your store?

In order to display a category on your store, you must ensure that the category contains at least one displayed product.

General points

You must decide how to organize your menu in advance. For example, you can sketch your menu’s hierarchy on a separate piece of paper or file. The idea is to put yourself in the position of a visitor to and imagine how this visitor will browse your store, as they would, for example, in a physical store.

💡 Useful tip

Mindmeister may be a very useful tool for thinking about how to organize your menu

Will you prioritize certain categories above others in order to offer a clear and simplified product? Or sort your products into different categories and sub-categories, to be as specific as possible and guide your visitor as best you can? These are questions that you will need to think about before creating your store.

What is a standard menu?

The standard menu can be displayed in two ways:

Single category


Category + Sub-category


Note: If you want to simulate a third level of category, you will need to activate the enhanced menu.

👉 Refer to our tutorial on the enhanced menu

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