Manage my reassurance elements

💡 To know before you start: general reassurance elements and WiziBlocks "Reassurance elements" are independent. To add reassurance elements on certain pages of your store only, you will need to use WiziBlocks.   

In Configuration > Manage Design Elements, Reassurance elements tab, you can personalize the elements of reassurance on your store:



By default, 4 reassurance elements are already in place (secure payment, fast delivery, customer service and satisfied or refunded), and you can display a maximum of 4. 

To edit a reassurance element, you can: 

  • Change the icon

Click on an existing icon and a wide choice of suggested icons will be displayed:



You can also upload your own icon by clicking on “or a picture”:


N.B: The recommended size for custom images is 25px wide by 25px high.
The small chain link on the top left of each icon allows you to add a link on the image if required:



  • Change the text

Clicking on the existing text will allow you to change it:

Don't forget to save your text block and then to "save elements", so that your modifications are taken into account.

Quick tip: For the ergonomics of your reassurance elements, favor the use of short and reassuring phrases for Internet users.

Finally, via this section, you can also::

  • Change the placement (from left to right) of your elements on the store, by using the arrows (outlined in green)
  • Delete one or more reassurance elements by using the cross (outlined in red)


  • Deactivate your reassurance elements (although we do not recommend this):



Tip: is a website with a compilation of original icons that are copyright free. 

💬 Please do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!