Taking good product photos

This step is of the utmost importance!  

Photos are an essential part of your product page, but between a professional image and an image taken by an amateur, the difference can be up to 60% less sales if the photo is of poor quality. You will therefore have to ensure the quality of your photos. 

What type of photo should I put on my product page?

One of the peculiarities of online sales, is that your customers cannot touch or handle your products, feel the material, or look at the finishing. It will therefore be necessary to give them a certain proximity to the product, so they can visualize it as best as possible.

To answer the questions of your future buyer, it is therefore recommended to present several views of the product (different angles, in a situation scenario, zooming in on a detail, etc. ). The norm is to present your product on a white background. This is how it will come out best. 

But if you want, for example, communicate the size of your new product, don’t hesitate to put it in a situation, placed in your hand, so the Internet user can judge its size. Using thumbnails and zooms is also a good idea as it’s important that your visitor can have a larger preview if they wish (be careful, however, not to upload an image that is too large, which could slow down the loading time of your page). 

On the WiziShop interface, for example, we’ve chosen to offer a zoom when you hover over the product photos! 

How should I take my photos?

We can only recommend that you use a professional photographer, who can suggest better framing, adjust the lighting to bring out certain details of your product, etc. This is an additional budget to plan for, but profitability will be increased since professional photos will have a positive impact on your conversion rate. 
We work with partners who are experts in product photos. Don’t hesitate to contact the Business Coaches for further information.
If you’re selling small products, you can also choose to buy a mini-studio or create your own photo studio. Remember that your supplier will also be able to provide you with high definition photos of their products. Don’t hesitate to contact them.
Should I edit my images?
Yes. You’ll need to edit your images. If only the size. Whether through your photographer, your camera or your supplier, the product photos you’ll get will be in high resolution and large size. The objective here will be to resize your image (preferably 1500 x 1500 px), possibly crop it, adjust its contrast, colorimetry, etc. You can also export it in .jpg (we'll compress it for quick loading of your website). Please also note that for the zoom to be activated when the mouse hovers over your photos, their dimensions must be at least 900 x 900 px. 

To make all these adjustments, you can use free software like Paint or online applications (without software installation) such as Canva.
💬 Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!