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Overview of WiziBlocks

Creating a store that reflects your image with a user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use online shopping experience can help you differentiate from the competition, build brand awareness, provide an enhanced online shopping experience and increase conversion rates.

It is important to design your online store to fit the preferences and needs of each user. This will make the shopping experience more enjoyable, quicker and easier for customers, and you will have a better chance of converting visitors into buyers.

By providing personalized recommendations and special offers based on user behavior, you can encourage customers to make additional purchases, build customer loyalty by offering exclusive promotions, personalized product recommendations and personalized customer service.

To create your own store, we have provided you with WiziBlocks that can be customized as you wish.

This is a system that will allow you to completely customize :

Go to the left of your page, in the List of WiziBlocks, where each WiziBlock will be proposed to you with different layouts.

In WiziBlocks with images, the ideal size for your visuals is indicated in the block and varies according to the layout you've chosen. If no size is indicated, the image will be a background image that adapts to the text, the elements added to your WiziBlock and the medium used by your visitors.

Once you have chosen your layout, you will find the same buttons in all WiziBlocks: 

(1) In the images blocks, you can upload your images directly by clicking on the block.

(2) The "Element configuration" button will add, depending on the component, a title, button, link or product selection to the block.

(3) The "Quick preview" button will allow you to preview all the added elements at a glance.

(4) The "Move WiziBlock" button at the top left of each element will be used to drag-and-drop your blocks up and down.

(5) The "Up" and "Down" arrows will also allow you to move your blocks, to place them above or below the neighboring block.

(6) The "WiziBlock Configuration" button, depending on the block, will allow you to configure various options :

  • The spacing before the following block :
    • None
    • Small :
      • Mobile format : 10px
      • Tablet format : 15px
      • PC format : 20px
      • Resolution higher than 1600px : 25px
    • Medium :
      • Mobile format : 20px
      • Tablet format : 30px
      • PC format : 40px
      • Resolution higher than 1600px : 50px
    • Large :
      • Mobile format : 30px
      • Tablet format : 40px
      • PC format : 60px
      • Resolution higher than 1600px : 80px
  • The maximum size of the WiziBlock : 
    • The Small size corresponds to a width of 1024 px
    • The Medium size corresponds to a width of 1440 px
    • The Large size corresponds to a width of 1920 px.
    • The Full screen size will display your block in full width.
  • The Hide block option allows you to temporarily hide the block. You can continue to configure it when it is hidden, and then decide to display it on your page when it's ready.
  • Specific options to each block (background color, parallax effects, styles, etc.)

(7) Each of the blocks can be duplicated using the "Duplicate" button.

(8) The "Hold to delete" button will delete the block. To confirm the deletion, click and hold until the button turns red.

(9) Depending on the block, different options will be available under the customization block to make your component unique. 


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