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Create beautiful visuals for your store

Visuals play a crucial role in the success of an e-commerce site. Indeed, images and videos are key elements to convince potential customers to buy. Here are the reasons why visuals are important for your store:

  • Grab customers' attention: Attractive visuals grab customers' attention and entice them to click on products to learn more. Well-designed images can help give a positive first impression of your site.
  • Show your product details: Visuals allow customers to see products from all angles and zoom in on important details. This helps customers better understand the product and feel more comfortable making a purchase.
  • Build credibility: Quality visuals show that you take your business seriously and care about the presentation of your products. This builds credibility and inspires confidence in your site.
  • Increase sales: Quality visuals can increase sales by helping customers better understand the products, inspiring confidence and making them want to buy.

It is therefore essential to take the time to create quality visuals for your online store.

How to create quality visuals?

Here are some tips to make your visuals successful:

  • Use professional photos and videos: Professional quality images and videos are essential to create a good impression and convince potential customers. If you don't have photography or videography skills, you can hire a professional photographer to help you.
  • Use proper lighting: Lighting is crucial to creating quality visuals. Make sure your product is well lit and that shadows don't hide important details.
  • Use simple, consistent backgrounds: Simple, consistent backgrounds allow customers to focus on the product and avoid distractions. Use a white or neutral background for most of your products.
  • Use varied angles: Various angles help show important product details. Take photos or videos from different angles to show all the features of the product.
  • Show your products in action: Videos showing products in action can help customers better understand how to use the product and create the desire to buy.

How do I find royalty-free images and videos?

If you don't take your own photos, you can create beautiful visuals with royalty-free images and photos that will fit your store's world.

There are many free online image banks where you can find nice images to create your visuals:

💡 Useful Tips

How do I know what dimensions to respect for my visuals?

  • On WiziBlocks : The recommended size for your images is indicated in pixels.
  • On product sheets : The recommended size of your images on your product sheets will depend on the chosen template.

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How do I find copyright-free stock images?

It is essential that the visuals you publish on your store should be copyright-free (if they are not your own). There are numerous banks of copyright-free images where you can find pictures to create your visuals. 

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 If you are looking for icons, Flaticon is what you need !

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💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!