Create my logo

The logo is a very important element for your store, because it represents your visual identity. Your customers must be able to recognize you through your logo, especially on your social media.

How do I create my logo?

Several solutions are available to you for creating your logo.
Brandmark: as you saw in the training video, Brandmark allows you to create a professional logo that’s to your liking in just a few clicks.️ 

Brandmark is a paid solution, so you’ll need to pay the amount of your logo to download it. on this website, you can contact sellers who create professional logos for you, starting from €5.
Canva: this is a free solution, which will allow you, thanks to its creation tool, to create your logo.

What are the recommended dimensions for my logo? 

Here are the dimensions that we recommend for your logo, according to your template. Of course, you'll need to do some tests in order to see which size relative to your logo design best fits your website. For example, pay special attention to square-shaped logos which can sometimes be a little compressed and display very small, particularly on the mobile version.

Paris and Milano Templates

Recommended dimensions:

Height: 150 px Choose a logo in landscape format (width greater than height)

Havana Template

Recommended dimensions:

Width: 460 px
For your logo, we recommend that you use a Havana template with a width of approximately 460px. You're pretty free regarding the height.


Berlino Template

Recommended dimensions:

Height: 200 px 
Avoid a logo that is too high here!

Other Templates

Recommended dimensions:

Width: 400 px Height: 250 - 300px

Don’t forget to crop the edges of your image file as much as possible to enlarge and optimize the display of your logo on your store:


Once your logo is ready, you can add it to your store! (see tutorial: How do I insert my logo or banner on my store?)
💬 Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!