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List of the different payment methods

In e-commerce or dropshipping, configuring a variety of payment options is essential to meet the diverse needs of your customers.

Offering different payment methods to your visitors helps satisfy their individual preferences.

To find the complete list of payment methods, go to Settings > Add my payment (or Manage my payments if you already have one configured).

Common payment methods

Payment methods with 1 or more installments

  • Alma
  • Banque Courtois (Payzen)
  • Banque Kolb (Payzen)
  • Banque Laydernier (Payzen)
  • Banque Nuger (Payzen)
  • Banque populaire (Cyberplus systempay)
  • Banque Rhône-Alpes (Payzen)
  • Banque Tarneaud (Payzen)
  • Caisse d'épargne (Systempay)
  • Choozeo
  • CIC (Monetico paiement)
  • Clic&Pay
  • Cofidis
  • Crédit agricole (Up2Pay e-transactions)
  • Crédit mutuel (Monetico paiement)
  • Klarna par Mollie
  • La banque postale (Scellius)
  • LCL (Sherlock's)
  • Lyra collect
  • OSB (Payzen)
  • Paybox Hmax
  • PayPal Payments (PayPal, cartes et modes de paiement locaux)
  • Société générale (Payzen Sogecommerce)
  • Société marseillaise de crédit (Payzen)

Other payment methods

This comprehensive range of payment methods offers optimum flexibility to meet your customers' expectations and preferences. We're constantly adding new payment methods to meet the needs of all our merchants. If you have any suggestions for new payment methods, please let us know here.


☝️ Useful tips

To configure each payment module, follow the steps available in the blue insert for the chosen payment method on your administration area.

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