Setting up BitPay

BitPay is a Wallet that provides easy payments and management of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and other Altcoins through a single platform.

This tool is available in a multitude of currencies and supports a wide range of online businesses.


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Setting up BitPay

To set up your BitPay module, the first step will be to create a Business account on the platform: 




Fill in the information requested in the registration process:

  • Validate your email




Once your account has been created, you will receive a confirmation email:



  • Fill in your business information:


  • Add Settlement Information:


For an easier set up of BitPay, we recommend you open 2 tabs on your browser: one tab with your BitPay dashboard, and another tab with your WiziShop administration area. On WiziShop (second tab), head onto your BitPay module: Settings > Manage my payment options > BitPay, and keep it open.


Go back to the first tab, and in the side menu of your BitPay dashboard, go to the Payment Tools > Integration Resources > API Tokens:




In the bottom right corner, click on Add New Token:




Give a name to your token (Wizishoptest or the name of your store), then click on Add Token:



The generated token is then displayed. In the Information category, copy that generated Token:



In your already opened WiziShop tab (second tab), paste the generated Token you have just copied:




Once your module is Under test (visible only to me), you just have to switch it to Active (visible to all):




โ˜๏ธ Good to know:

  • Payments received in cryptocurrency are not instantaneous.
  • BitPay first performs a validation process that can take a few minutes.
  • The order will automatically go to "Pending Preparation" once the payment is received.


Finally, you will receive 3 emails notifying you of the customer's payment, the payment received and the final transaction confirmation.


N.B: Carrying out payments with other wallets such as Coinbase, Metamask, Trustwallet is also possible on the BitPay platform.

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๐Ÿ’ฌ Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!