Setting up the HiPay Direct payment option

From Settings (cogwheel) > Manage my payment methods, you can set up the HiPay payment module.
There are two versions of the module here:



To understand the differences between these two versions, you should contact HiPay customer services directly:

How to contact HiPay

Here, we’re going to look at how to set up the HiPay Direct payment module in just a few steps:

Go to your HiPay interface and click on Account Information: 

Once you’re on your account information page, click on API login details to recover your API username and password.

In another tab, go to Settings (cogwheel) > Manage my Payment Methods and click on the HiPay Direct payment module, and then enter your API username and password.

Back on your HiPay interface tab, go to Products My Websites to recover your website ID.

Once on the new page, you can recover your website ID, which generally consists of six numbers.

Next, go back to the configuration of your payment module on your administration area and paste your website ID.

Once you have saved your website ID, click anywhere on the page for a new item of information to appear.

You now just need to select the category of product that you sell or “Others” if you are not offered a choice.

Finally, Save the payment module to move it to “Active” mode.

💬 Please do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!