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What are the key steps in setting up my affiliate store?

Creating a successful affiliate store takes time, perseverance and regular analysis of results. You need to think about making adjustments and improvements based on feedback from your audience and performance data.

Find your niche

Identify a specific niche you want to focus on. It's best to choose a niche that matches your interests, your expertise or has high revenue potential.

Use the Artificial Intelligence to access the AI Inspiration section, where you'll find valuable resources. To validate your niche, you can also take advantage of tools such as Ubbersuggest.

Find affiliate programs

Explore different affiliate programs for your niche. Search for companies and affiliate platforms that offer products or services in line with your theme. If you choose the Amazon affiliate program, simply add your affiliate ID to your Evolup administration space, then import your products. For other affiliate programs, the tracked URL will do for your imports.

Create your affiliate store

Start by choosing an attractive design, a relevant domain name (or add your own), and set up the necessary functions for your affiliate store.

The home page

This is the first impression your visitors will have of your store, providing them with an overview of what your store has to offer and encouraging them to explore further. A well-designed, attractive home page generates interest, contributes to your credibility, guides your visitors to the information or actions they want, and leads to higher conversion.


Clear, relevant categories help visitors quickly find the products that interest them, increasing your chances of conversion. This hierarchy contributes to a logical site structure, smooth navigation and greater customer satisfaction.

Product sheets

Well-designed product sheets help build trust, answer customer questions, highlight the benefits and features of your products, and make it easier to compare different items.

You can either import them directly from Amazon, or manually from the affiliate site of your choice.

You also have the option of importing your products via a CSV file.

Social proof

Reassurance elements help build visitors' confidence and reassure them during their online purchasing process. This includes elements such as customer reviews, testimonials, etc. By displaying these elements, your site demonstrates its credibility, reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Offer quality content

Create informative, useful and engaging content for your audience. Write blog posts, product reviews, buying guides using Topic Clusters and more.

Make sure your content provides value and meets the needs of your target audience.

Optimize your SEO

Implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve the visibility of your online store. Perform keyword research, optimize title tags, descriptions and URLs, and make sure your site is fast and user-friendly.

Promote your store

Use a variety of promotional strategies to attract traffic to your affiliate store. This can include promotion on social networks, the use of paid advertising campaigns, partnerships, the use of email marketing, etc.

Track your performance

Use the tracking tools provided by affiliate programs to monitor your performance, number of clicks, sales and commissions generated. Analyze this data to adjust your marketing strategy and optimize your results. You can also track visits to your store via Google Analytics.

Stay up to date

Keep up to date with the latest trends and opportunities in affiliate marketing. Keep developing your site, testing new approaches and adapting to the changing needs of your audience.

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