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Ubersuggest : find the right key words for my website

Your store's text content is essential to your SEO. Google and search engines love quality content. You can go into detail in the description of your products (material, shape, color, manufacturing, use...) - it can never be too much.


The recurrence of your main keyword is an important factor for your natural ranking. However, be careful not to overuse the keyword on a same page. You should not repeat the keyword 100 times on the page just for its own sake. Your text content should remain natural and coherent, or you risk being penalized by Google.

How to find the right keywords? 

There are several free online tools that can help you find your keywords. For example, Ubersuggest is a comprehensive tool that allows you to find statistics and keywords similar to your main keyword.
This tool shows you the number of monthly searches for your keyword, the difficulty in positioning oneself above it, ideas for keywords...

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