Import my products on my Evolup store with Amazon Associates

Once you have signed up for the Amazon Associates Program, follow this tutorial to add your Amazon products to your Evolup affiliate store.

Setting up your Amazon Partners account

  • Log in to your Amazon Partners account
  • With your product niche already defined, search and choose one of the products you want to sell on your Evolup affiliate store
  • Simply copy the URL of the product you want to import to your Evolup affiliate store

Import of the product on your Evolup store

In your Evolup administration space, go to Products > Add a product.

In the "Amazon" section:


(1) Copy/Paste the URL of your Amazon product

(2) Click on "Continue"

(3) Choose whether you want the synchronization of the product

(4) Click on "Import"


☝️ Good to know

The automatic synchronization with Amazon is done every week (Sunday at 2am) and updates the price, stock and current promotions of your product.

You can import 50 new Amazon products into your Evolup store each month.

With the classic Evolup subscription, the synchronization is performed on 50 Amazon products per month.

If you want to synchronize more than 50 Amazon products per month, activate the Amazon synchronization option for 5 € HT / month

Finalize your Amazon product listing

Once imported on your store, the product sheet must be optimized to offer a unique content to your visitors. It is necessary to create a complete and optimized product sheet.

Do not hesitate to use our artificial intelligence to rewrite your content!


💡 Useful tip

You can track the number of products synchronized and imported from Amazon at any time via Products > Tools > Amazon Synchronization



💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!