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Create a new product Evolup

Once imported on your store with Amazon partners or with another affiliate partner, the product sheet will not be finalized and will have to be optimized.

Do not hesitate to use Artificial Intelligence to write or rewrite your content!

What information do I need to fill in on my Evolup product page?

  • The synchronization of prices, promotions and availability with Amazon Partners.
  • The name: Do not hesitate to rework the name of your product to attract your customers and put your personal touch. It should not change drastically so that your customers find it, but could be improved with the keywords of your choice.
  • The reference: This reference should not be changed.
  • The EAN 13 code: Barcode used for unique international product identification.
  • The ISBN code: Unique identifier assigned to each edition of a book. It is used to precisely identify a book, thus facilitating its management and distribution.
  • The category: You must associate your product to one or more categories.
  • The brand: This is the brand of your seller.
  • The short description: It is not mandatory to have a short description for the publication of your product page. However, for an attractive and SEO optimized product listing, it is recommended to describe your product in a few words. You can use our AI to create unique descriptions for your product pages.
  • The long description: It allows your future customers to get all the features of your product while highlighting its benefits. You can use our AI to write or rewrite this long description. With Amazon Partners, your product description will be imported automatically. However, to avoid duplicate content (penalized by Google), it is strongly recommended to rewrite your long description.
    Features: They highlight the technical information of your product (e.g. material, dimensions, maintenance tips, etc.). With Amazon Partners, the characteristics of the Amazon product are automatically imported. However, it is strongly recommended to sort these characteristics and/or add others that you deem more relevant.
  • The price: The price should not be different from that of your affiliate partner. With Amazon Partner Sync, the price and current promotions are updated once a week. If you are working with another affiliate partner, the price must be updated manually or via our Stocks and Prices tool.
  • The photos: They allow your future customer to have a visual overview of your product. Don't hesitate to add several photos showing your product from different angles and in different situations. With Amazon Partners, the photos of your Amazon product are automatically imported and can be used to promote your product.
  • SEO: For an optimized product listing, it is important to add the title and the meta-description on your product listing. You can write them easily thanks to AI.

☝️ Good to know

  • You can import your product catalog in CSV format.
  • You can complete the creation of your store before obtaining your partner ID. To import your products from Amazon without entering the partner ID, simply click on the "Import" button. This allows you to finalize your product listings and the rest of your store. Your partner ID can be added in the final step via the Configuration section (cogwheel) > Store Configuration > Affiliation Settings. The system will automatically integrate your ID into the parameters of the Amazon URL to track your visitors.


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