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Create a gift card (digital or paper)

Do you want to give your customers the opportunity to offer gift cards or gift vouchers to their loved ones? It's easy! Just follow the creation steps below step by step.

Step 1: Create a "Gift Voucher" product page 

In order to create a Gift Card, it will be necessary to create a product page with a specific configuration (Products > Add a product section):
After completing the Required Information tab, go to the Delivery tab and disable delivery (in the case of a digital gift card.)

☝️ Good to know
In the case of a paper gift card, the shipment of your card must be managed like any physical product, and you will therefore have to leave the delivery enabled.

Then go to the Price & Stock tab, and set up a specific inventory management as below (still in the case of a digital gift card). This configuration will make it possible not to manage stock on your product without impacting your ordering process.
Now go to the Photos tab and add the image of the gift card. To create this visual, we advise you to use the free software Canva.com.

Then go to the Variants tab to create simple variants. These variants will correspond to the values of the gift cards that you will offer to your customers. 
Enter the amounts in the "Name" column and the linked values in the "Price incl. VAT" column (e.g.: €10, €20 ...). 

☝️ Good to know
Whether it's a paper card or a digital card, your product must include a weight. A weight greater than 0g is required for the order process to be completed normally:

  • For a paper card, just fill in the actual weight of your card with its packaging (e.g.: 100g). You should have enabled delivery above, so shipping your gift card will be like any product in your store. 
  • For a digital card, you can, for example, enter a weight of 1g on your variants. This weight will not be visible on your store; it will simply allow our system to complete your order process normally. 

Go to the Customization tab. 
This step will allow your customer to fill in the recipient's information in detail. Each field to be filled in must have its own customization block and must be mandatory (except, potentially, the message).
For your part, this setting will allow you to retrieve the information of the beneficiary of the gift voucher (their email address, name, a message, etc.). 

Step 2: Create the linked discount code

When a customer orders a gift voucher from you, you will need to:

  • Create a customized discount code for the gift card recipient.
  • Send it to them manually from your email.

Step 3: Manage the remaining credit

If, after the beneficiary uses the discount code, there is still remaining credit, simply reissue a discount code of a value corresponding to the remaining credit. 

 💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!