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Set up promo codes on my store

Increase your store's conversion rate in a flash by offering promotional codes!

To create your first promo code, go to the Marketing > Promo codes section of your administration, then "Add a promo code".

The creation tool contains 3 sections that will allow you to adjust each parameter of your promo code (the main information, the code setup and the common options) as well as a box summarizing the settings of your promo code, and its usage statistics. You will also find in this box, a button in the field Name of your promo code which will also allow you to copy it directly into your clipboard.

Main information

The first section will allow you to set the main information of your promo code.

  • The campaign name: The internal name of your promo code, or of your family of promo codes if you create several, which will only be visible to you. Do not hesitate to indicate for example for which occasion you are creating this promo code (winter sales, Mother's Day, etc.)
  • The promo codes tag: The promo code itself is the name to display on your store and that you will communicate to your customers. If you don't have an idea, don't hesitate to use the automatic code generator, on the right of the field.

☝️ Good to know

If you want to launch a campaign for several marketing operations simultaneously, and you want to be able to recognize the origin of your promo codes, you have the option to generate several distinct promo codes at once, depending on the number of your marketing campaigns.

Code setup

The second section will allow you to configure the type of promotion chosen. You can choose between a discount to the cart or a free delivery.

If you apply a discount to the cart:

  • You decide if the display will be in € or in %, and the amount of the discount.
  • You choose the product(s) concerned by this coupon code. You can choose to filter by products, categories or brands.
  • You decide if the discount code can be combined with products already on sale or not.

If you apply the free delivery:

  • You can choose the delivery option(s) concerned by this offer.

Common options

The last section will allow you to set the common options of your promo code:

  • The promo code validity: The promo code can be valid once, once per customer, or always.
  • The minimum purchase required: You can set a minimum purchase for the use of the promo code or not.
  • The customer selection: You can offer this promo code to all customers who have it, or only to a selection of customers.
  • The length of the promo code: Your promo code can have an unlimited duration in time or be scheduled during a specific period you define.

Save and share your promo code

Once the setup of your code or your family of codes is finished, you will just have to save it at the top of the page, button "Add a promo code".

Now all you have to do is share it with your customers!

💡 Useful tip

Save your customers time by providing the promo code link directly to them.

When your clients will use this link to order on your store, the promo code will already be applied to their cart!

Deactivate and Sort Your promo Codes

If you no longer wish to use a promo code or if you want to organize them, you can deactivate your promo code, then filter your promo codes to display only those that are active.

Promo codes cannot be deleted to maintain a traceability (technical and commercial) of all previously created codes.


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!