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Setting up my delivery options

Configuration of the delivery options

To set up your delivery options go to Configuration (cogwheel) > Manage my delivery options where you will find 2 sections.

General rules

The configurations you set up in this section will be applicable to all your delivery methods added afterward:

  • Type of calculation : This is where you will define whether your store will apply delivery costs to the products. Delivery costs on your store should only be deactivated if you sell services or digital products.
  • Preparation time for products in stock : Here you will set the preparation time for your products in stock, according to a number of business days, and whether this applies to all orders or orders finalized before a specific time.
  • Preparation time for products not in stock : Here, you will set the preparation time for your products that are no longer in stock.

List of delivery options 

This section has 3 tabs :

  • List of delivery options : Here, you can add a new delivery option, edit your cost ranges or the settings of your existing delivery options. 
  • Default delivery option : You can choose a default delivery option for each country. If you do not select any option for a given country, your customer will be offered the cheapest option. If several delivery options are available, the customer can pick the one that best meets their needs.
  • Sort delivery options : In addition to selecting a default delivery option for each country, you can set a display order by dragging and dropping your options :

☝️ Good to know

Your customer will not be offered every option you set up, the system will only offer delivery option according to the ordered product(s) and the country of delivery.

Add your delivery methods

To add a delivery option, click on "Add a delivery option". 

You will be able to select various options :

  • Home delivery
  • Collection point
  • Click & collect 

Once the delivery method is selected, here are the fields to complete for its configuration:

  • Title : Fill in the title of your delivery method which will appear on your order tunnel.
  • Code / Carrier reference : Fill in the carrier code if required (this field is optional, it is only used if you sell your products through marketplaces. It allows marketplaces to know which delivery option to associate with each product, in order to give it a reference number).
  • Description : Write a short description of your delivery option (and add the average delivery times and applicable shipping fees, for example).
  • Countries this shipping options applies to : Select the country or countries of delivery.
  • Limit delivery to postcodes : If you only offer delivery to one country and want to limit delivery to certain areas within that country, list the corresponding postcodes.
  • Exclude delivery to the following postcodes : You can hide delivery to certain postcodes. This means that this delivery mode will not be offered if the delivery address displays one of the postcodes specified in your settings.
  • Method of calculation : This setting is essential. Do you want the slices to be calculated according to the total weight or according to the total amount of the order? You can also make this delivery free. Once defined, you will not be able to change the calculation mode of this delivery mode. You will have to delete this delivery mode if you want to change this calculation mode.
  • Application : You can either apply this delivery method to all products, or you can manually apply this delivery method to certain products of your choice.
  • Time : Define your delivery time. It is by default X working days, weekends and holidays are not taken into account in the calculation of the time. By clicking on "working days", you can include Saturday and Sunday if your carrier delivers on those days. Choose if you want to hide the delivery time in your order process.
  • Logo (optional) : You can customize the logo for your delivery method if you wish (each module already has a default logo).
  • Tax : Define if your delivery method is subject to VAT, which will be automatically included in your delivery fee.
  • Marketing : This last step consists in defining if you wish to offer delivery from a certain amount.
  • Once you have entered all of this information, click on "Set up shipping costs" to move on to the last step which is to create the different price bands or tiers.

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