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Create a Service product sheet

The e-commerce services sector is vast, offering many possibilities depending on your skills, expertise and market demand. Here are a few options you might consider selling online:

  • Online Consultations: Offer specialized advice in a particular field, be it finance, marketing, fitness, etc.
  • Online Courses: Create and sell courses or tutorials on specific subjects, whether professional skills, languages, the arts, etc.
  • Graphic Design: Offer design services for logos, websites, promotional material, etc.
  • Translation Services: Offer translation services to reach a global audience.
  • Personal Coaching: Offer coaching services in areas such as wellness, career, mental health, etc.
  • Marketing Services: Offer online marketing strategies and services, including social media management, online advertising, etc.

Would you like to give your customers the opportunity to buy or book your services? Nothing could be simpler! Just follow the step-by-step instructions below.

To create a product sheet for a "service", go to Products > Add a product.

The creation is done in the same way as the creation of a physical product sheet, by deactivating delivery via the "Delivery" tab of your sheet and the notion of stock via the "Price & Stock" tab.

💡 Useful Tips

  • If you offer your service in packages, you can create variations of the different packages available.
  • If you offer your service at specific times/days, you can use your product customization to include the times/days and information needed for booking.
  • You can add a dynamic calendar such as Calendly to your service.
  • If you already work with an online reservation software, you can integrate it into your store in 2 different ways:
    • By adding a link directly to your store that redirects to your booking tool
    • By technically integrating it into your store via our API

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!