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Create a customizable product

Setting up a product customization can be done during the conception of the product page.

Go to the "Customization" tab in the product page, then in the orange-dotted section, select "The product can be customized".

Here, you can choose the details to be entered by your customers for the customization of the product:

  • A custom field (text limited to a fixed amount of characters)
  • A selection list (you define several possible options).
  • A file upload (photo, PDF, etc.)
  • A date

If you wish to charge your clients for this customization, make sure you uncheck the box "The customer must enter the information to be able to order". Your customization will then become optional, and you will be able to define a price for it.

In the same section, 3 options are available :

  • "Add a customization" allows you to collect further information by adding another one of the 4 customization types mentioned above.

  • "Save this template" allows you to save the different customization criteria that you have just created to reuse them on other products.

  • "Open Program Manager" allows you to either add different criteria to a customization created previously, or to delete a customization that was already saved.


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