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Using WiziShop's API system

WiziShop's API system has a single purpose: to offer you greater freedom. An API is an application programming interface allowing third parties to create complimentary services. It allows you to integrate new features and interface your store with new service providers.   

For example, if you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can automate stock synchronization between your checkout software and your e-shop, or inform your customer that their order has been shipped by simply scanning the shipping slip. There are thousands of uses depending on your needs: interface your store with an ERP, an accounting software, your logistics technician, your CRM software, etc.

The API developed by WiziShop is based on REST architecture. Here are its top methods (features):

  • Trademarks (get, create, delete, edit)
  • Orders (get, edit status)
  • Stocks (get, edit status).

Create a user account for your service provider to give them access and an “Administrator” role in your account. This will allow them to be authenticated on the WiziShop API. Then, simply provide them with WiziShop's API technical documentation:

👉  https://api-doc.wizishop.com/documentation/3/home

To follow the latest news, feel free to also visit our JS library

👉  https://github.com/WiziShop/api-v3-js-sdk

And have a look at the changelog

👉  https://api-doc.wizishop.com/documentation/3/changelog


N.B.: The use of WiziShop Webhooks requires advanced technical knowledge and/or the intervention of a specialist. Unfortunately, our teams will not be able to assist you with this type of implementation.


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!