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How do I import and synchronize more than 50 Amazon Partner products?

With the integration of the Amazon Partners program into Evolup, you can now automatically import and synchronize your products from Amazon.

With your initial Evolup subscription, you can import and synchronize 50 products per month:

  • Each month, on your subscription anniversary date, you can import 50 new Amazon products into your store.
  • On the same date, once you've imported more than 50 products, you can continue to import products while choosing which 50 to synchronize with your store.

What are the solutions for importing more than 50 products?

Activate the Amazon + extension

You can subscribe to the extension for $5 (excl. VAT) per month, which allows you to increase your import and synchronization limit to 500 products per month.

Import your products manually

You can manually import your products by copying the URL of your products and creating the product page manually. Synchronization will not take place in this case, but you can still update it manually.

Import your products via CSV

You always have the option of bulk importing your products via a CSV file.

To carry out a catalog import, go to Products > Product imports.

It's important to note that with this type of import, you must manage product updates yourself: prices, availability, discounts, etc.

Import your products via API

You can import your Amazon Partner products via our API system.


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