Quick orders

Quick orders allow your visitors to buy directly from the home page or category pages without going to the product page. If your product has variations, your client can select them directly from the product list.    

To activate the quick order, go to the section Settings > Settings > Store settings, tab Ordering process, section List of products.
Here is how it works:  

  • If your product has no variants, the product is added to the basket when the client clicks on the button Add to basket.   
  • If your product has a simple variant (ex : size), your client chooses the variant and the product is added to the cart when the client clicks on the button Add to basket.    
  • If your product has linked variants (ex : size + color) or customizing options, when your client clicks on the button, they are redirected to the product page so as to choose the options and add the product to the basket. 

    💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!