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The product variants manager

By editing your product pages and in the "Variants" tab, you can perform several actions on your product variations.

☝️ Good to know

To add variants to your products, use the "advanced mode" on your product page.

Change the order in which the variants are displayed

You want to change the display order of your variations? Nothing could be easier:

  1. Go to the Products > List of Products section and into the edition of the desired product page.
  2. In the "Variants" tab, click on "Manage variants" and on "Edit options".
  3. Drag your variations in the desired order.
  4. Validate this new order by clicking on "Save".
  5. Finalize your save by clicking on "Apply to my products".

Linking variants (example: Color and size of sleeve)

It is possible to link two variants together. The purpose of this operation is to manage a common price and stock. For example, if you sell wallets in several colors and several sizes, you don't reason with a stock or a price according to the size, but globally.

You have 2 black wallets in small format, 3 black wallets in medium format and so on.

This linkage also simplifies the presentation to your customers: they choose the size first and then the color, for example.

To create linked variations:

  1. Create two simple variants (Example: one for colors and one for sizes).
  2. Select the two variants to be linked together and validate by clicking on the "Apply link" button.

You obtain a link between your two variants. If you wish to cancel this link, simply click on the chains (between your two linked variants).

By applying this grouped variant to your product, the system will automatically create a table containing all possible combinations (Example: Blue - Small / Red - Small / Black - Small, etc.).

Delete an existing variant

To delete a product variant that is not or no longer used:

  1. Go to "Manage variants" on the "Variants" tab of the desired product record.
  2. Click on "Delete a variant", then on the variation of your choice.

⚠️ Watch Out

This option is irreversible. You will have to recreate the variant if you accidentally delete it!

Change the title and the names of the variants

When you import your products through dropshipping, it sometimes happens that the title and the names of the variants are not translated or do not correctly qualify the choice that your customer will have to make.

You can modify these 2 elements by following these few steps:

  1. "Variants" tab, click on "Manage variants".
  2. Then click on the button "Edit a variant" and on the title of the variation applied to your product.
  3. Modify the name to be displayed on the site and confirm step 1. We recommend that you use a generic title to present your choices of variations so that it can be adapted to all types of choices (colors, sizes, models, etc.): "Make your choice", "Select an option", etc.
  4. Once you have completed step 1, you will be able to change the name of your variants and save your changes.

Add or modify a photo in my variations

To associate a picture to each of your variants, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the "Variants" tab of the desired product sheet and click on the "Manage variants" button.
  2. Then click on "Edit configuration" of the desired variation.
  3. In the settings parameters, check the "Photos" parameter and click on "Save the configuration", then on "Apply to my product".

You will then be able to download the photos corresponding to your variant choices!

Edit a variant applied to several products

It is possible to edit a variant applied to several products. If your variant is applied to several dozen or even hundreds of products, you can easily make a grouped modification.

To edit a variant applied to several products, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the "Variants" tab of the desired product sheet and click on the "Manage variants" button.
  2. Then click on "Edit a variant" and on the desired variant.
  3. You will then be able to modify the title of the variation and the title or the order of the choices.

These changes will be applied instantly to all your products!

Apply an existing variation to a new product

You can use the same variant on several products.

To do this, you have three options:

  • The first option is to use an existing variant and edit its configuration (you will be able to view a list of all the variants you have already created). You can then select the choices you want to keep and access the configuration. The tables will be empty, it is up to you to complete them with the information of your product.
  • The second choice allows you to apply the same variant to another product. In this second case, you will have access to a list of your products (only those using variants). By choosing one of the products in the list, you will get exactly the same configuration but also the same content (price, weight, stock, etc.). You can of course modify these elements in the list later.
  • The third possibility here allows you to duplicate an existing variant and create a second one that you can modify freely. Duplication is useful if you want to use the same base but change some elements. In most cases, it is better to apply the same variant rather than using duplication, this will allow you to modify the titles of the choices globally for example. If you duplicate a variation, there is no longer any link with the previous one. In this case, the modification will only be made for the duplicated variant.

Create a discount on a variant 

You can define the prices of your variants, and in particular, give discounts on those prices.
To create a discount on one or more variant, or on the base product if you have one, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click on the "Advanced Options" button next to the price of your variant.
  2. Define your discount (in % or in €).
  3. Save your product page.

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