Presentation of the Havana template

Each of the Wizishop designs has its own specific features For this reason, this article presents the Havana design to you in detail. 

Top of page



 (1) The logo is located at the top in the middle
 (2) The menu is horizontal and centered
 (3) The link to the blog is on the right next to the Customer Account and Cart
 (4) The search bar is to the left of the logo 
 (5) The Customer Account and the Cart are located at the top right




(6) The subscription to the newsletter is at the bottom of the page on the right
(7) Social networks appear as icons in the Follow Us area on the right
(8) The contact area is between the informative pages and the newsletter
(9) The informative pages are organized in 2 columns. 

Product pages


(10) The product share buttons are located below the short description


(11) The Description, Specifications and Customer Reviews sections are organized into tabs



"The contents of your shopping cart will be stocked for 30 days" is displayed in the cart at the top of the page and can be modified in your text variants. Just like all the default texts offered on this design.

You can customize the size, fonts, and colors of your design via Configuration > Design > Customize the Design. (see “Customize my design” tutorial).
💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!