Presentation of the Ottawa template

Every WiziShop design has it own specificities. This article details the Ottawa design.  




 (1) The logo is at the top left
 (2) The menu is horizontal and to the left
 (3) The link to the blog is on the right 
 (4) The search bar is at the top center 
 (5) The Client Account and the Cart are at the top right



(6) Subscription to the newsletter is at the bottom center
(7) Social media appear in the column Follow us
(8) Informative pages are split in 2 columns.

Note: There is no contact zone in this design. If you wish to add one, you should use a specific development in Appearance > Customize the HTML. If you do not have the skills in HTML/CSS, do not hesitate to contact a Business Coach who will put you in touch with a partner agency that will do this development for you. 


Product page


(9) Sharing buttons are over the short description
(10) The sections Description, Specifications and Customer reviews are organized in vertical tabs



You can customize size, fonts and colors in your design via the section Appearance > Customize the Design. (See tutorial Customize my design).
💬 Please contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!