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I can't import an affiliate product. What's wrong?

It can happen that the import of your affiliate products doesn't work properly. Here's what you need to check in this type of situation, depending on the affiliate partner you're working with.

Amazon partners

Thanks to Evolup's Amazon Partner Program integration, you can automatically import and synchronize your Amazon affiliate products.

You may sometimes encounter difficulties importing certain products, here are some of the reasons why :

The product has several variants

If your product has different variations/options, you won't be able to import them. Each import corresponds to one product. If you want to have all the variations on your store, you'll need to import the product several times, with a different variation selected for each import.

API technical unavailability

Amazon products are imported into your store via API. Sometimes, when importing, you simply encounter an error due to a momentary unavailability of the API, which prevents you from fully importing your product (or retrieving certain information such as product, availability, brand, etc.).

Other affiliate partners

Once you've signed up for the affiliate program of your choice, you can start importing your products into your Evolup affiliate store.

You may sometimes encounter difficulties importing certain products, here are some of the reasons why :

Incompatibility or connection failure

The import of affiliate products may encounter technical anomalies or incompatibility with your browser's installations and configurations. If the import does not work, we advise you to clear your browser's cache and/or test your import in private browsing mode. You should also check that you are not using any extensions that would prevent your import from working properly.

This error may also be caused by a momentary connection failure.

Product availability

It is possible that the product you are trying to import is no longer available or is out of stock with the affiliated merchant. Check the availability of the product directly on the merchant's site and make sure it is still offered in the affiliate program.


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