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AI for your store

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a set of techniques implemented on machines to make them capable of simulating human intelligence. 

How can AI help you create and develop your store ?

By using AI, you will save time to create quality content and develop your store.

AI saves you time, money and helps you when you are in need of inspiration.

Our AI will allow you to create all kinds of content for your store: product pages, blog posts, informative pages, etc. quickly and efficiently.

Using AI does not prevent you from proofreading and editing the content you create.

You can use it as a base, however, it is important to note that AI-generated texts should always be proofread and adapted. The use of AI does not prevent you from ending up with certain errors on the part of the machine. AI is a solid base that develops every day, but it needs the human eye for proofreading and some corrections. 

Where to use the AI on my store ?

Our AI is available to allow you to create content in 3 areas:

Product pages

  • Product description writing
  • Short product description writing
  • Description of a category page
  • Title and meta description writing
  • Generate "pros and cons" for your product
  • Product description rewriting
  • Writing based on existing product descriptions
  • Product description translation

Content writing (Blog, Pages, Articles, Topic Cluster)

  • Article writing
  • Finding article topics
  • Paragraph writing
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Writing Title & Meta description
  • Title and meta description writing
  • Text rewriting
  • Text translation

Social networks and Advertising

  • Facebook ads writing
  • Google ads writing
  • Instagram description

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