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Pizi App: Turn your photos into product sheets


The Pizi app uses Artificial Intelligence to assist you in transforming photos of your products into complete and optimized product sheets. The application analyzes product photos to generate precise descriptions, catchy titles, and SEO optimization suggestions tailored specifically to each product.

☝️ Good to know 

The Pizi app is only available in French. You can use the AI-based translation tool to translate your product sheet on your store.

Download the Pizi app

To create your product sheets from your product photos, start by downloading the app on your mobile phone.

The Pizi App is free and downloadable via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store:


When you open the application, you will find different tabs:

  • Home: This tab gathers all created products as well as a shortcut for creating a new product.
  • My products: Here you will find the complete list of created products.
  • Profile: Here you can log in to your WiziShop administration area. You can also choose the relevant store, log out, and delete your account. In this tab, you also have access to the Terms of Use and the application's privacy policy.
  • Settings: In this tab, you will find:
    • Theme: Light or dark mode
    • Tips and advice
    • FAQ
    • Contact section to reach out to the Pizi team

Create your product sheets in just a few clicks

Start by capturing a photo of your product. The application automatically detects the outline of your product and adjusts the brightness and quality of the photo.

The Pizi app automatically writes a detailed and SEO-optimized description for your product, integrating SEO keywords to improve your online visibility.

Some tips for successful photos

  • Try to have as much natural light as possible
  • Avoid having multiple products in your photo
  • Take your product as straight as possible
  • Prefer clean backgrounds
  • Center your product

Import your product sheets to your store

Once the product sheet is created, if you are logged into your administration area, you can directly import it to your administration area via the "Export product sheet" button. Your product sheet will be added to your draft products, and you can edit it before putting it online. You can also share it if needed.


☝️ Good to know

  • If you operate on the old WiziShop plans or on the Dropizi or Evolup solutions, you can only import up to 10 product sheets to your store.
  • The Pizi app is available in its unlimited version if you benefit from unlimited AI credits.

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!