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List Of Orders functionalities

In Orders > View All Orders, you will be able to carry out actions rapidly on one or more orders. This heading is very comprehensive!
Here is a non-exhaustive list of steps which you need to follow:

  • See all your orders (total number of orders, total number of products ordered per order, total amount per order...)
  • Export your orders in CSV format
  • Export invoices, delivery notes, processing notes
  • Change the order status
  • Leave an internal comment :
    • Order comments : Visible to you and your customer.
    • Customer comments : Visible only to you on your administration area.

Quick view of customer orders

From the list of orders, you will find a table setting out all your store’s orders, in which each line represents an order and its main details.

  • The name of the customer. Click on it to view the main details of the order (status, invoice, processing note, delivery note) and of the customer (email, telephone number, billing address, order history and loyalty points), the products purchased and leave an internal comment on the customer. See the below screenshot.
  • The number of products purchased and the total amount
  • The chosen delivery method, the payment method, and the origin of the visitor.

For more details, simply click on each of the three icons 

Search for and/or filter the orders in your list

This upper section of the list of orders allows you to:

  • Search for an order using the order ID number, or the customer’s first name or surname
  • Filter your orders by date
  • Filter your orders by order status (e.g., is being delivered)
  • Filter by order segment
  • Create an order segment that fulfills specific criteria (e.g., a segment of orders that are both based in France and include free shipping)

Select one or more orders

Once you have applied your search (or filter), and to select one or more orders, you need to select the order(s) to change using either of these 2 options:

  • Manually by ticking the box of the selected customers
  • Automatically by clicking on “all” to select all the orders produced by your search/filter result 

Export orders, invoices, processing or delivery notes

You can carry out different actions on one or more orders simultaneously, using the buttons at the top of the page:

  • Export the invoices (in Zip or PDF)
  • Export the processing notes (in Zip or PDF)
  • Export the delivery notes (in Zip or PDF)
  • Export the orders (in CSV)
  • Export orders to your delivery method (to Coliship, Chronopost, GLS or DPD)

Know the origin of my orders

To determine which source of traffic converts the most on your store, you can directly visualize the origin of your orders by passing the mouse over the pictogram. You will be able to know more about the origin of your buyer.

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