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Documents sent automatically to my clients


When an order is completed on your store, a PDF invoice is automatically sent by email to your customer. Depending on the payment option used by your customer, the invoice will be sent in a specific email:

  • In the order summary, if your customer uses a credit card or PayPal (immediate payment)
  • In the receipt of payment, if your customer chooses another payment option (bank transfer/check/personalized payment). 

Besides the invoice sent to your client, each order also generates two other documents (not sent to your client): 

  • A preparatory slip (useful if you are working with a service preparing orders)
  • A delivery note (useful if you are working with a logistics technician)

These documents are generated automatically and are accessible from your order list.


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These documents can also be customized

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From the Settings (Cogwheel) > Orders & invoices section, you can choose the e-mail addresses to which you wish to receive notifications of orders received. You can enter several e-mail addresses.
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