Customize my invoice, preparation notification and delivery note

For each order placed on your store, 3 documents are automatically generated: an invoice, a delivery note and a preparation slip. You can customize these documents to add your logo and text. 


Which software to use?

Editing those documents can be done with a free word processing processor.

The first step is to download LibreOffice or OpenOffice on your computer. It will allow you to open and edit your file by default. 

⚠️ Watch Out

Only these two programs will be compatible with our system. You will not be able to use Word or Google Docs, for example. 


Editable elements 

Your layout can be completely customized: you can add your logo, edit the titles, the table.

The only requirement here is to carefully follow the spelling for the different variables. For this, we advise you to use our template to make your changes.

There are a certain number of variables and loops which are mandatory to generate your invoices.


The available variables

Here is the complete list of variables available to you. Not all of them are used on the default template:

👉 Customization variables


☝️ Good to know

No variable related to the customer's billing address will be used in the preparation slip. The variables below can only be used in your delivery note and order invoice: 



Document customization

Now, let's see how to customize your invoice, your preparation slip and your delivery note.


Your invoice

Go to the Settings (cogwheel) > Orders & invoices, in the "Invoicing" tab. In the "Invoice customization" section, click on The invoice used is the customized invoice :




Download the .odt file on your computer. Open your file with Libre Office or Open Office, then make your changes (for example, add your logo). Once your file is edited, go back to WiziShop and click on "Upload" to upload your file. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to download a test invoice and check that the display suits you. Click on Yes to confirm the template.

Once your template is approved, you can view it again, this time in PDF format: 



Your new invoice template will now be applied to your next orders! 


Your preparation slip

To customize your preparation slips and delivery notes, you just have to repeat the operations detailed above in the corresponding tabs. 

Go to the Settings (cogwheel) > Orders & invoices, in the "Preparation slips" tab.




Your delivery note 

Go to Settings (cogwheel) > Orders & invoices, in the "Delivery notes" tab :




💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!