Set a discount or benefits for some of my customers

It is possible to allocate benefits (e.g. 5% discount or free shipping) to certain customer segments. To configure all the options, go to your administration area, Marketing > Offers & Loyalty programs section, "Customer offers" tab.

The possibilities

It will be possible to apply business rules on up to 3 customer segments and apply an order of priority to your different segments. If your customer belongs to several segments, the one you have placed the highest will be prioritized.
Next, you will define the benefits and conditions.
If your customer belongs to a segment, will they earn loyalty points? You may choose to enable or disable this option. This option is independent of the benefits and discounts that will be assigned to them. So you could imagine, for example, that a certain segment of customers is not entitled to either loyalty program rules, or any benefits, etc.

If you apply a benefit to this customer segment, you will specify whether or not it can be combined with a discount code. Finally, you will define the benefits. Just like loyalty programs or benefits for new customers, you will be able to create several levels.

It is possible to define several groups according to the total value of the cart. So if your customer belonging to the Y segment has put $50 in their cart, you could, for example, offer them a $5 discount; if they add $150 worth of goods to their cart, they would be entitled to a 10% discount + the free shipping costs, and so on.
This system will give you a lot of freedom when it comes to assigning benefits to dynamic groups of customers.
Here are some concrete examples:

  • You offer free shipping to your business customers whose delivery address is in Paris.
  • You offer 10% discount to your customers who have placed at least 5 orders on the site and whose orders are delivered by Royal Mail
  • You offer 5% discount to your customers who order a specific product 

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