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Customer segmentation

The idea is to simply create a dynamic selection of customers based on several criteria.
Whether it is to filter your customers, send a targeted email, or allocate marketing benefits to certain customers, client segmentation will provide you with plenty of options.
You can create a segment directly from your administration area in Orders > View All Customers
The goal here is to filter your customers according to several criteria:  

  • The number of confirmed orders
  • The product(s) that the customer has ordered
  • The number of failed orders (meaning that the status of the orders has been changed to “abandoned” or “cancelled”)
  • The date of the latest purchase
  • The customer registration date
  • The total amount spent
  • The billing address (to see whether the customer is a professional or an individual)
  • Same for the delivery address
  • The subscription to your newsletter
  • If they have agreed to receive emails from partners
  • If they have subscribed to emails and have agreed to hear from partners
  • Their gender
  • Their age
  • If it is the day or the eve of their birthday
  • Their country
  • Their postcode
  • Their town
  • Their ID (customer n°)
  • Their surname
  • Their first name
  • Their email
  • Their company
  • Their loyalty points

All these filters can be combined to refine your search. For example, the segment of women who are over 35 years of age and who have spent more than €200 on your website.

You can, also, widen your segment by combining the same filter several times. For example, the segment of customers who live in London, New York or Berlin.

In addition to these filters, you can manually add one or more customers in your segment.
That way, you can create as many filters as you want, and your segments will automatically be updated when a new customer meets the selected criteria!

💬 Feel free to contact your Businesses Coaches should you have any questions!