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Why can't I add a product to the basket?

 Are you trying to add a product to the cart, and it is not added? 

This tutorial lists the configurations you need to check in order to unblock the situation in your store.

The default country of your store and the countries of your delivery methods are different 

When a visitor arrives at your store and adds products to the cart, the delivery country that will be presented to them by default on the first cart summary will be the country defined in the My Account section > Store details.

However, if you have not yet set delivery methods for your default country, our system will block the addition to the cart.
It is therefore very important to check that one of your delivery methods offers delivery for your country by default. 

You haven't set up a payment method yet

To be able to add a product to the cart, it is imperative to have - at least - one payment module configured on your store. 


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