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I would like to report a technical anomaly to the Business Coaches

Is there an anomaly on your website ? 

Don't hesitate to inform the Business Coach team by sending your request from the conversation bubble in your administration area.

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Types of anomaly detected

Display anomaly in your store

First, clear your browser and store cache.

Check that your browser is up-to-date, and test in private browsing mode.

If the anomaly persists, take a screenshot of it and send it to the Business Coaches, along with a short description of the problem.

Anomaly in your store settings

If you notice a settings error, or if you're using a tool on your platform that isn't working properly, take a video capture of the action performed on your platform and send it to us.

This video is essential, as it will enable us to quickly identify and reproduce the anomaly, and pass on these elements to our technical team.

Details to be sent to the Business Coach team

For all anomalies 

  • The device used (mobile, tablet, computer)
  • The operating system used (Windows, Linux, iOS...)
  • The browser used (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer...) and its version

In some cases 

  • The name of your store (if you have several stores)
  • The page concerned and its URL
  • The product reference if the anomaly affects a product
  • The order number if the anomaly affects an order
  • The invoice number if the anomaly affects an invoice