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I would like to report a technical anomaly to the Business Coaches

📢 Is there an anomaly on your website ? Do not hesitate to report it to our team of Business Coaches ! You will have to send the team the following details : 

For all anomalies 

  • Medium used (mobile, tablet, computer)
  • Operating system used (Windows, Linux, iOS...)
  • Browser used (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer...) 

  đź’ˇ Do not forget to update your browser !

In some cases 

  • The name of your store (if you have several stores)
  • The product reference if the anomaly affects a product
  • The order number if the anomaly affects an order
  • The invoice number if the anomaly affects an invoice

Send your request from the chat bubble located in the bottom right corner of your screen :

Display error ?

First, empty the cache of your browser and your store (see here how to do it).  If the anomaly remains, make a screenshot of this anomaly and send it to the Business Coaches with a short description of the anomaly.

Configuration error ?

If you notice a configuration error or if an area of your administration area is not operating correctly, make a video recording of the malfunction you are encountering, and send us that video (How to send a video recording of your screen with Loom ?). The video is essential because it will enable us to quickly understand and reproduce the anomaly, and check with our technical team.