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I have come across an anomaly. What are the steps to take?

You may sometimes encounter an anomaly in your store or in your administration area. But don't panic! Here we’ll help you to carry out a first diagnosis to check what is happening and to rule out the potential causes of your anomaly.

 Close and open a new browser window

Closing and reopening the tab you’re working on will regenerate your page information and may, for example, unblock an ongoing process that is blocked.

 Clear the cache of your browser/store

Updates made to your store may not be immediately visible if your browser and/or store cache is not cleared.

What is a cache?

A cache is an intermediate memory that aims to display web pages recently loaded in the browser more quickly.

How do I clear the cache of my browser?

Here are some tips on how to clear the cache, depending on the browser you are using:

How do I clear the cache of my store?

In Appearence > Customize the HTML, click on the “Delete cache” button.

⚠️ Watch Out

In the “Customize HTML” section, don't touch anything other than the "Delete cache" if you don't have the necessary IT skills.

Update your browser

Check that you have the latest updated version of your browser and update it if you haven’t (settings menu to the right of your address bar).

Check blocking extensions

If you have an Adblock or VPN type extension on your browser, disable it and repeat the test.

Change browser 

Test from another browser or computer. Sometimes the browser (or computer) you're using may not display your administration area or store correctly.

Work from your computer

As your administrator area is an online software, some functions are not currently available via mobile or tablet. Wherever possible, we advise you to work from your computer.

Couldn’t resolve your anomaly by following the above steps? 

Check out our tutorial to find out what information to pass on to our team so that we can further help you.