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Managing my account credits

Do you want to partially or fully refund an order? You can now edit an account credit for your customer to keep a written record of your transaction!  

⚠️ Watch Out 

Creating account credits on WiziShop doesn’t modify the amount or content of your orders. The partial or full refund of your transactions must be made to your payment institution directly. The account credits you create will simply allow you to keep a written record of the actions you’ve taken on an order.
The management of your stock will depend on the configuration you’ve chosen in the Configuration >  Orders & Invoices > Orders tab. The Change order status option will allow you to decide if your stock should be automatically re-incremented or not when you move an order to Refunded.

How to create a credit note?

Go to the Orders > Manage account credits.
Select the order for which you want to edit a credit note and click on the Create an account credit button.

Here you can select the items and amounts to be refunded on your order:

  • The column on the far right will first of all allow you to select the items affected by the account credit. Uncheck the non-affected products, as well as the delivery costs if you’re not refunding them. 
  • Then, on your products/items affected by the refund, indicate the amount to be refunded in the corresponding column. Are you refunding incl. tax? Indicate the amount incl. tax to be refunded. Are you refunding excl. Tax? Indicate the refund excl. Tax. Also change the VAT rate if necessary.

Once your amounts are entered, the total amount refunded will be displayed at the top of the page.
 The Customized text section at the bottom of the page will then allow you to add a description to your account credit, as well as to send a confirmation email to your customer so they receive a PDF copy.
 Once all your information has been completed, click on the Edit account credit button at the top right to edit your account credit and save it.

Back in the Account credit management section (Orders & Stats Manage account credits): you’ll then find the list of all your edited account credit.

How do I manage my account credits? 

As indicated, the generation of account credits does not alter the total or content of your orders. Any partial or total refund of transactions must be handled independently.

You have 2 options, depending on your return policy:

Direct refund

If you wish to refund the amount directly to your customer, you must do so directly from the payment organization used by your customer to finalize the transaction.

Create a promotional code

If your return policy is to generate a credit note for reuse in your store, you need to :

  • Create a promo code for the amount of the credit and communicate it directly to your customer.
  • If you don't want them to have to pay for delivery again, you can create a customer advantage specifically for them, so that they benefit from free delivery on their next order.

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!