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Sumo: add a pop-up newsletter on my store

Would you like to add a pop-up on your store to collect your visitors' emails? There are many external services that will enable you to do that for free!
Sumo is one of these tools. You can use it to add a pop-up on your store for free. 

Set up your account on Sumo

Creating an account is quick and easy. You will simply need to provide your website URL, your email address and a password.
👉 Create my Sumo account here.

Create your pop-up

Once you have signed in to your account, you can go to Forms from which you can fully set up your pop-up.

My goal

There are several possible goals: 

  • Collect Emails: to collect your visitors' emails.
  • Add a Call To Action: to redirect your visitors to a particular URL
  • Get Social Shares: allows you to redirect your visitors to your social networks.
  • Collect info with custom code: create your own pop-up display via HTML to collect your visitors' details and email addresses.

☝️ Good to know

Since our main goal is to collect emails for our newsletter, we have selected the Collect Emails goal.

Form Type

Select the display type of your choice :

  • Popup: displays a pop-up in the middle of your page.
  • Scroll Box: displays a pop-up at the bottom of your page.
  • Inline Form: displays a pop-up within your content.
  • Click Trigger Pop-up: displays a link on your website, which opens a pop-up in the middle of your page.
  • Welcome Mat: displays a form that covers the entire page of your website.
  • Smart Bar: displays a horizontal bar at the top of your website.


The only version that is free of charge is the standard design, which you can personalize.
When you personalize your pop-up, two tables will appear: Subscribe and Success.

  • Set up of the Subscribe pop-up : It is the pop-up that will be displayed on your website, to invite visitors to subscribe and provide their email address.

You can personalize each of the elements of the pop-up, simply by clicking on them. A personalization window will open on the left in the modifications column, and you will be able to add your own content here.

    • Change the image: click on the image and download your choice of image in the left-hand column.
    • Change the text: click on the text and add your personalized text in the left-hand column. For each text, you can define the font, the character type (Bold…) and the size of text. You can also set the color of the font, from the color palette in Font.
    • Change the button: click on the button, add your text and set the background color. When creating your button you will need to set the action to take by clicking on the button. In order to collect emails, click on Submit Form.

💡 Useful tip

In order to encourage visitors to register for the Newsletter and provide their email address, you can offer them a promo code. 

  • Set up of the Success pop-up : It is the confirmation pop-up, once the visitor has subscribed.

First, go to the SUCCESS tab. To personalize this pop-up, simply follow the same steps as for the previous pop-up. You can add a background image and personalize the wording.


You can set the frequency of your pop-up’s appearance on your store.
Two modes are available: Smart Mode and Manual Mode.

  • Smart Mode selects the best moment to display the pop-up to your visitor.
  • Manual Mode allows you to choose when and where you would like to display the pop-up.


This step will allow you to set up a confirmation email that will be sent to all the visitors who sign up to your form. 3 different email templates are available. 

☝️ Good to know

If you decide to offer a promotion code for newsletter subscriptions, you will need to create your promo code from your administration area in Marketing > Manage Your Promo Codes.


In order to comply with GDPR standards on collecting personal data, you should activate the double opt-in. When a visitor registers on your pop-up, they will receive an email confirmation asking them to confirm their subscription. Please note that this email will be in English.

You will only receive the email addresses of visitors who have confirmed their subscriptions.

Installing your pop-up on your store

  • Go to : sumo.com/sites
  • The account you create will be displayed, along with your website details.
  • Click on Manage View Install code.
  • Copy the code displayed in the box. A simple click on the block to copy the code.

Go back to our solution's administration area, under Configuration > Tags And External Services > Scripts Free.
Add a new script and paste the code you have copied. Choose where to place it At the beginning of the content (body).
Make sure you leave the "This script does not require GDPR validation" box unticked.

To function properly, the Sumo script needs to track the action and data of the users that visit your store. In accordance with GDPR provisions, your visitors can now choose not to share this information with the third party services that you use. 

How do I retrieve the emails that have been collected?

Once a visitor subscribes to your newsletter and confirms their subscription, their email address will be registered on your Sumo account, in Contacts.
You will be able to CSV export the collected emails, by clicking on the scrolling menu, then Export CSV.
You can now import this subscriber database on to your account, so that you can include them in your emailing campaigns.

💬 Please do not hesitate to contact Sumo for any further information.