How do I add a script to my site?

If you use services external to WiziShop (chat bubble, A/B testing, affiliation, etc.), the service may ask you to add a small script or a tag at a specific location on your site: on the homepage, in the order confirmation, or on all pages, for example.  

To simplify this task, we have developed a tool which allows you to freely add your scripts. To do this, go to your administration area, Settings (cogwheel) > Tags & External services.

You have 2 options.

Set up a preinstalled service

WiziShop offers preinstalled modules for the most commonly used external services (such as Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.) Simply click on Activate the service and fill out the requested fields with the information provided by the service in question.

Add your own script

If you want to add your own script, you will be able to choose on which page(s) and in which specific location it will be inserted. In general, the information on how to install the script will be provided to you by the service itself.

You can apply a script to:

  • the classic website and the mobile version
  • the classic website only
  • the mobile version only



It can be inserted in different locations: 

  • on all the website pages
  • on the order confirmation pages 
  • on the homepage
  • on all the information pages
  • on all the product pages
  • on all blog pages
  • before mailing to the bank


The last element you can choose will be the location of the script on the page:

  • before the page content <head>
  • at the beginning of the content <body>
  • at the end of the content <body>


Depending on the service and the information that is needed, you may be asked to add or replace elements with dynamic values. Here are the values you can use: 





The tool to add free scripts includes a checkbox “This script does not require GDPR validation” on each script. 

To work properly, the different scripts that operate on your store sometimes need to track the actions and data of users who visit your store.

In accordance with GDPR, your visitor can now decide not to share this information with the third-party services you use. They can do this through a cookie management pop-up. They may decide to accept or refuse all cookies. They will not have the possibility to select only some cookies.

The checkbox on each script allows you to indicate to our system that the script you are adding is not concerned by GDPR (e.g.: it is a script dedicated to the design of your site, which allows you to modify the visual appearance and which therefore does not require the collection of customers’ personal information). 

⚠️ Watch Out

If you check this box, you must first ensure that the script you are adding does not collect customers’ personal information. Checking or unchecking this box will have a legal impact on your visitor’s traceability. You are legally required to respect their choice not to have their data and actions tracked on your store. 


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!