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I want to migrate my store to WiziShop

Thinking of migrating your current store to our solution? Here are the different options available to you. For the migration of your store, you must take into account 2 aspects: 

  • Your store's graphic charter
  • Migrating your data

Your store's graphic charter

Would you like to adapt your graphic charter to the Designs we offer? You can easily adapt your design using the various templates we offer in the Appearance > Select another design section.

Would you like to reproduce your own design? You have 2 options:

  • If you have the in-house skills (HTML/CSS developer), you can do this integration yourself. To do this, go to the HTML customization section of your template.
  • Otherwise, you can contact our Business Coaches so that the integration can be done for you by a specialized partner, who will establish a quote.

Migrating your store

We recommend that you keep your old store while you take all the necessary steps for the final migration of your website:

1. Create your account on WiziShop or Evolup

2. Prepare your store: 

Create your product pages manually or import your product catalog, set up your payment and delivery methods, then prepare all your informative pages.

You can also import your clients list via Zapier.

3. In an Excel sheet, transfer all the URLs from your old store (without the root) into a first column (column A) and match each of these URLs with the new URLs created on your store (column C):


The semicolons (column B) will be useful to separate your old URLs from the new ones when creating your customized redirections in the next step. 

4. Once your store is ready to be launched, creating customized redirections will allow you to redirect your old URLs to the new ones. To do this, go to the Configuration (cogwheel) > Manage redirections in WiziShop, in the "Customized redirections" tab, then "Add a redirection". Here you can mass copy and paste all your redirections in the dedicated insert.

5. Configure your domain name on your new store.

6. Launch your store to the public. Your store is finally migrated and the SEO of each of your pages will be preserved!

💬 If you have any questions related to the migration of your website, don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches!