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Using Zapier with WiziShop


Thanks to WiziShop and Zapier, automate actions via the connection between different applications used daily!

Zapier is a web service on which you can easily connect with more than 5,000 applications: Google Drive, Gmail, WhatsApp, Notion, PipeDrive, Slack, Trello, etc.

Zapier gives you endless possibilities.

A "Zap" on Zapier is a workflow between multiple applications. When an action is performed in the first app, an action is triggered in the second app.

To make it simple, to create your Zap, you need to :

  1. Create a trigger
  2. Create an action when this trigger is activated

👉 Resources

To set up the connection of your WiziShop Zaps with your favorite tools, here are the links that will be useful: 

N.B.: Unfortunately, our teams will not be able to assist you with this type of set-up.