Using WiziShop's Webhooks system

Need to instantly notify one of your service suppliers or subcontractors of a product update or a new order? 

WiziShop provides you with even more possibilities thanks to the Webhooks!


The Webhook objective is to notify an endpoint when a resource is added, deleted or modified.


For example, if you work with a logistician, the implementation of Webhooks allows him to receive real-time notifications for any new order placed on your store, in order to prepare them faster.


Today, the resources available for WiziShop Webhooks are the following: 

  • Products (SKU)
  • Customers
  • Order


To set up your WiziShop Webhooks, please find all the documentation by following this link: 

👉 WiziShop Webhooks documentation


N.B.: The use of WiziShop Webhooks requires advanced technical knowledge and/or the intervention of a specialist. Unfortunately, our teams will not be able to assist you with this type of implementation.