WiziBlocks: Form

The Form WiziBlock will allow you to add forms on your page.  



Note that to add a form in your block, your form must have already been created in your administration area. 👉 Create a form on my store. Once your form is complete, you will be able to customize it in the block.    

In the side menu, click on the Form WiziBlock :


Choose your layout 

WiziBlock configuration 


Click on the cogwheel in the top-left corner of the block. In the side menu, various options will allow you to set up the space before the following block, the maximum size (1) of the WiziBlock, whether the block is hidden (2) and other options specific to each block (background color, parallax effects, styles, etc.)



(1) The Maximum size of the WiziBlock is the maximum width your block will have.

The Small size corresponds to a width of 1024 px

The Medium size to a width of 1440 px

The Large size to a width of 1920 px

The Full screen size will display your block in full width.

Note, however, that depending on the viewer's screen resolution and the type of block, some exceptions may apply. For example, text blocks will not be displayed in full-screen mode. They will automatically be displayed in Large size. Similarly, on very large screens, it is possible that the Full screen size is not adapted, and your block will automatically be switched to Large size for ergonomic reasons.

(2) The Hide block option allows you to temporarily hide the block. You can continue to configure it when it is hidden, and then decide to display it on your page when it's ready.

How do I customize my form?

If you chose a photo layout, you can add a background image by clicking directly in the block:


Then select the form from the drop-down menu in your block:

Finally, select the header text to customize the title of your form


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!