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WiziShop : The different types of stores

WiziShop gives you the flexibility to create the type of store that suits you best.

Depending on the nature of your product (or service), your sales strategy or your growth objectives, you may need to choose a different type of online store.

Among the options offered by WiziShop, you can opt for 3 types of store: Monoproduct, Multilingual and B2B.

Monoproduct Store

A monoproduct store offers simplified management, clear communication and great flexibility, which can be very beneficial, especially for specialized products. Here are just a few advantages:

  • By specializing in a single product, you focus all your attention and resources on developing, improving and promoting that single product.
  • Managing a single product line allows you to develop in-depth expertise in product design, manufacturing and marketing. This can translate into better quality and a better understanding of customer needs.
  • Managing inventory, orders and logistics processes is simpler, as there is less variety to manage. This can reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.
  • Your marketing campaigns can be highly targeted, highlighting unique product features. This allows you to create more powerful messages and reach your target audience directly.
  • Launching a single-product store can be quicker and less complex, as there are fewer variables to consider. This can be advantageous for new businesses looking to enter the market quickly.

How a Monoproduct store works

Your product will be highlighted on the home page, thanks to the WiziBlock Product zoom. The product page will therefore not be available on the store.

How to have a Monoproduct store?

From your administration area : Settings (Cogwheel) > Settings > Monoproduct, you can change your store settings to a Monoproduct store.

Monoproduct store prices

Monoproduct stores operate at our usual rates.

Multilingual Store

Our WiziShop solution enables you to position your business internationally, so you can create stores in several languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

The main reason for having a multilingual store is the ability to reach a global audience. By offering versions of your site in different languages, you open up your business to potential customers in different parts of the world. Why opt for a multilingual store?

  • Buyers are more likely to trust an online store that communicates in their language. Trust is a key element in online business, and the availability of content in multiple languages reinforces this trust.
  • By eliminating the language barrier, you broaden your potential customer base, increasing the chances of conversion and loyalty.
  • Visitors are more likely to stay on a site and make purchases if they can navigate and understand content in their native language. This improves the overall user experience.
  • The availability of multilingual versions enables a better understanding of the specific needs of each market, which can facilitate the development of adapted products or services. This allows you to adapt each of your messages to the visitor's language and personalize them according to market trends.

How a Multilingual store works

When you create a store in a new language, all text variables in your design are automatically translated into the desired language.

However, all content added to the store must be translated by you. Don't hesitate to use AI to translate your content.

How do I add a new language?

In the "My stores" section, click on the "Add a new language" button.

You'll be presented with several options for copying certain elements from your current store to your new one: pages, configuration, design and the product you wish to promote. Check the elements you wish to duplicate and click on "Validate".

☝️ Useful tips

The stock of your duplicated products will be automatically synchronized: if a unit is ordered in one of your stores, the global stock of the product will be updated in all your stores.

Multilingual store price

To have stores in different languages, you need to opt for a Business plan. With this plan, you also get unlimited translation services with AI.

B2B Store

You can offer your products directly to professionals, with access restricted to customers registered on your store.

How B2B works

When the functionality is activated on your store and a visitor is not identified on your store:

  • Product prices are hidden
  • The "Add to cart" button is replaced by "Contact us".
  • The automatic registration form is hidden

If a professional wishes to register on your store, all he has to do is request it via the registration form you've created, on which you can ask him for all the information needed to verify his professional status (Siret number, etc.).

Once the request has been made, you'll receive an e-mail listing all the information entered in the form, and you'll register the professional on your store yourself (as site administrator, you alone have access to the registration process). You will then send them their login details by e-mail.

Once your customer is connected to your store :

  • The prices of your products are visible.
  • The "Add to cart" button is back on your product pages.
  • Your customer can order your products.

B2B store price

The B2B activation option is totally free and does not change your subscription.

If you wish to have a B2C store and a B2B store, you must have 2 separate stores.

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