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Overview of WiziShop


Founded in 2008, WiziShop is the historical solution of the WiziShop Group, which now has 2 solutions: WiziShop for traditional e-commerce and Evolup for affiliation.
WiziShop aims to make e-commerce accessible to everyone by offering an all-in-one service, on which a merchant can create his store from A to Z.
Develop your own online business thanks to the numerous SEO features and the writing of contents with AI.

Why choose WiziShop? 

  • The management for you of the hosting and the technical maintenance of your store
  • Hundreds of specialized e-commerce features to allow you to build and develop your online store according to your needs
  • Native SEO optimizations to give your store the best chance to be well positioned on search engines
  • The AI that will generate all types of content and save you 6 time in writing your texts
  • The support of the Business Coaches team, who are available to answer all your questions and requests for advice
  • Thousands of resources including this help center, a blog providing all the news and best practices in e-commerce, a step-by-step video training accessible directly from your space

Ecommerce, what is it?

E-commerce is a generic term that refers to all commercial transactions carried out online, through a website or a mobile application. It is an additional sales channel for companies, which can offer their products and services directly to their customers via the Internet.

E-commerce allows consumers to have access to a wide range of products and services, without having to physically go to the store, and to buy them in a few clicks, from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. It also offers the possibility to compare prices and products easily, and to receive the order directly at home.

The rise of e-commerce has profoundly transformed the world of commerce, making transactions faster, easier and more convenient for consumers, but also offering new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. However, it has also brought new challenges, such as the security of online transactions and the protection of consumers' personal data.

The ecommerce ordering tunnel

The order tunnel in e-commerce refers to the process by which a consumer goes from a purchase intention to the actual purchase of a product or service on your online store. It is a multistep process, which can be summarized as follows:
  1. Product or service discovery: The visitor discovers the product or service in question through online research, online advertising, email marketing, etc.

  2. Add to cart: The visitor adds the product or service to his cart

  3. Checkout: The visitor (and future customer) is invited to finalize his purchase by paying for his order. You receive the money linked to the purchase of your customer

  4. Order confirmation: The customer receives an order confirmation from you, indicating that his purchase is finalized and that the order is being prepared

  5. Delivery: You ship the order to the customer, who will be informed by an email indicating the successful shipment of the package

The after-sales service in ecommerce

Often, the After Sales Service is a service taken care of by the online store in the follow-up of the goods and the order after the customer's purchase.

The after-sales service includes questions from customers about their orders, repair and / or exchange of a defective product.

Usually, the after-sales service is included in the sales contract, because it is a very reassuring and loyalty-building element for your customers. You can also invoice it.

How do I create my WiziShop account? 

To start building your store, go to https://www.wizishop.com/ and click on "Create my store".

WiziShop features and prices

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