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What are the different product statuses?

There are 3 different product statuses:

  • Displayed
  • Unavailable
  • Not displayed

There is a fourth state which is "Draft" and which simply corresponds to a product sheet which is in the process of being written and/or incomplete. As soon as you complete 100% of your product page, it will automatically switch to "Displayed" status.

Status "Displayed" / Visible on the site

A product in "Displayed" status will be visible on your store, even if it has zero stock.

You can even define a particular sentence when the product in question is out of stock.
You can of course hide products that are out of stock.

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"Unavailable" status

An unavailable product will be indexed, findable only by direct URL and impossible to order.

Specifically, it will still be present on your store, but will not be able to be ordered or found via your store's search engine.

Thus, this product will not lose its natural referencing until it is put back in stock and changed to "Displayed" status.

Status "Not displayed" / No longer appears on the site

A product that is not displayed will completely disappear from your store and will no longer be indexed.

The page will have to be redirected, because it will be in 404 error. You can redirect it to the category page associated with the product for example.

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Which state is better between "Unavailable" and "Not displayed"?

The choice of state for your products depends on the context of your product in question.

  • You have a flagship product that sells well and that you regularly restock. In this case, it is preferable to set it to unavailable status. Its listing will be kept until it is re-increased and switched to the displayed state.
  • On the other hand, you have a product that you sell little or that you no longer intend to sell on your store in the short term. In this case, it is recommended that the URL be changed to not displayed. You can then redirect this URL to another page (page of the associated category, for example).

☝️ Good to know

As you do not handle the stock of your products in affiliation, there are only 2 statuses of products on the Evolup solution:

  • Displayed
  • Unavailable


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