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General rules of Stock


In Settings (cogwheel) > Stock, you can set up the general rules for your stock, which will be applied by default to all your products.  

Enabling stock management

The first sentence in this section allows you to enable or disable stock management for your products. By default, stock management is enabled on your products, which allows the system to automatically deduct X quantity of stock from a product if a customer order X quantity of this product. If stock management is enabled in the general rules, you can still make exceptions for certain products.

If your business does not use stock management, you can disable the function for your entire store.

Display of the quantity available in stock

You can decide whether to display the remaining quantity of stock for all your products, and determine from which quantity this display appears. This option is very useful for encouraging visitors to quickly finalize their order for limited or rare stock!

Display preferences for products no longer in stock

When your products are no longer in stock, you have the choice between 3 options: 

  • The products are no longer visible on the site

This option disables the display of your page and causes an 404 error on your product page, which we advise you to redirect via Settings > Manage redirections.

We advise you to choose this option if the vast majority of your products that are no longer in stock will never be restocked.

  • The products are visible on the site

In this case, a sentence will be displayed on the product page to inform the customer that the product is out of stock. By default, this sentence is: “This product is no longer in stock. We will be restocked very soon”. You can customize this sentence, if you wish, by clicking on “Display a customized sentence” then “Add a new sentence”.

You can also find the list of customized sentences via the drop-down menu and edit your choice at any time.

  • The products become unavailable

An unavailable product will no longer by accessible from your store’s menu, but only through its direct URL (to retain its SEO ranking).

Possibility for the customer to be notified when the product is back in stock

Thanks to this option, you can give your customers the possibility to provide their email address to be automatically notified when you restock this product. The option will be positioned under the “Add to cart” button on your shop.

Warning for a customer ordering a greater quantity than the quantity in stock

The last option decides whether your customer can order product out of stock, and whether you inform them : 

  • The customer is not warned if he asks a higher quantity than the available stock

The customer can order this product without knowing that it is no longer in stock or that preparation times are extended.

  • The customer is warned if he asks a higher quantity than the available stock 

The customer can order this product and will have an information pop-up on their cart summary page, informing them of the extended delivery times for the product.

  • The customer can not order a higher quantity than the available stock

This option allows you to prevent a customer from adding to their cart a product that is out of stock or any quantity greater than the available stock.

Enable notifications when a product must be restocked

This option allows you to enable a daily notification by email, informing you that products are almost out of stock. You can choose the quantity of stock from which the alert will be triggered and specify the email address(es) to which the alert will be sent.

💡 Useful tip

You can add as many recipient email addresses as you wish, separating them with a semicolon “;”.

Set up a stock alert for my customers

When you have no stock for a product, it is possible to propose to the customer to be warned as soon as the product is available again.

To configure this feature, you have to go to the Configuration (wheel) > Stocks and define :

  • That "products that are no longer in stock are visible on the site".
  • That "the visitor can leave his email in order to be warned when the product is available again".

Once these parameters are established, a new button "notify me when this product is available" will appear on the products that are out of stock. The customer will just have to click on this button and fill in his email address in order to be alerted, when you will put back stock for the product in question :

💡 Useful Tip

Thanks to this feature, you also give the possibility to your customers and visitors of your store to subscribe to your newsletter.
On your end, you don't have to do anything. When you add stock on the relevant products, the emails will then be automatically sent to your customers!

The default sentence that appears when your products are out of stock is "This product is out of stock. We will be restocked very soon". Via the configuration of the general stock rules, you can customize it.

Click on "Show default sentence if stock is 0" and select "Show a specific sentence".

This way you can add a new phrase or select from the phrases already created.

Increase stock when an order is refunded 

In Settings > Orders & Invoices, Orders tab, the Change of order status section will allow you to decide whether your stock should be automatically increased when an order is changed to Refunded.

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